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    It’s a very interesting protocol indeed. There’s already a Rust implementation, server only (for now?).

    BTW, on the project page:

    At the moment we use tlsdate in some cases but that is incompatible with TLS 1.3.

    I wonder if OpenNTPD will be compatible…

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      There’s also both a C++ and Go implementation in the upstream repo. I don’t think OpenNTPD would ever support Roughtime though, as it’s a completely different protocol.

      On the tlsdate side of things, the TLS 1.3 incompatibility comes from the change to timestamps being OPTIONAL due to performance reasons. Roughtime seems more interesting to me due to the additional features it offers.

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        Uh, I meant TLS 1.3 in OpenNTPD. So yeah I guess that’s not tlsdate specific then…