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    Definitely a different kind of article but the Haskell Wiki’s Make Your Own IRC Bot article is always a joy to think about.

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      Too bad there’s no cofree in that bot…

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        The library is named for the matrix server we run it on. Also the blog post references the library but doesn’t claim anything about Cofree.

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          Please consider renaming the package if you mean to publish it on Hackage, so it would not confuse people searching for coalgebras (:

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            umm, the library models mealy machines as co-algebras.

            and have a look in this branch we are working on for cofree: https://github.com/cofree-coffee/cofree-bot/blob/5c443e56c9adbf297afdf16849d5988dd6bdd7a7/src/CofreeBot/Bot.hs#L43-L56