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    2020 Game games 2020game.io
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    As much as I love this, I gotta off topic it. It’s well executed, it’s clever, it’s relatable, it lasts exactly one bathroom break, I’ve sent it to tons of my friends, and I hope for the best for whoever made it. It didn’t try to teach me about technology, so not sure here is the place.

    Does it have a dev log? I’d read that.

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      A nice 5 minute platformer. Now we wait for the speedrunning community to get it down to 1 minute.

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        Is linking random web games allowed now? 😯

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          It’s a game and a cool display of development. I thought this would be perfect for Lobste.rs.

          Clearly not though judging by the downvoted. :(

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          This is the perfect length and a good laugh.

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            BLM got kind of hand-waved.

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              Since it’s too small for a top-level post, let me point out that sdate also got a COVID-19 mode in its 2020 update:

              Tue 325 Mar 2020 <time and timezone redacted>
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                I think this was very cleaver, but I would love more info on its development.

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                  Thanks. I enjoyed the game, not the past year.