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    I’m saddens that this is voted down as off-topic. lobste.rs is “technology-focused” (https://lobste.rs/about) and has a culture tag. The Ada initiative was one of the largest cultural efforts in our space in the recent years - may you hate it or not. Ada was “technology-focused”.

    The down-flagging of social discussions around our space of working is - in my opinion - a huge problem in our discussion culture.

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      I agree it’s an important topic, and I just voted up the story.

      In general though, I am never sure which “culture” stories make sense in my mental model of lobste.rs. I joined before the “culture” tag was added roughly one year ago, when lobste.rs seemed more “hard CS” (algorithms and such) only.

      Though, I guess if people don’t want to hear about culture at all, they can filter it out with the tag. Maybe some don’t think the tag belongs here to being with? I am just rambling now, sorry.

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        Thank you!

        “culture” already has a down-bias by 75% percent for people filtering it. That’s fine - we cannot and shouldn’t force the topic on them.

        Your mental model of lobste.rs is not mine (which is fair as well). I’d like to mention that we also discuss many other human-related topics here (office management, agile, behaviour in general, etc.), so I see these things fitting quite well.

        Actively downvoting as off-topic is pretty aggressive in the face of that, though and is to be lamented.

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          It’s been suggested a few times having another tag from culture that denotes these topics. I’d suggested “social justice”, but there’s a lot of unfortunate loading on that term.

          “diversity”, maybe?

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          The down-flagging of social discussions around our space of working is - in my opinion - a huge problem in our discussion culture.

          Precedent is pretty widely set (by many other communities) that normalizing the admittance of social discussions tends to screw up the signal/noise ratio.

          These are important issues, yes, but discussion ultimate trends towards voteslamming (in either direction), punctuated by inarticulate ranting.

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            In my opinion, that’s because of the traditional lack of proper moderation and set expectations in “user moderated” spaces.

            Also, this only shows that this issues just may be a more important then the latest type system details, if so many people feel like they need to engage.

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              Most people have a strong opinion about gay marriage, despite being neither married nor gay. They’ll merrily comment and argue about same, and take up space.

              Fewer people will have anything useful to say about, for example, log-structured filesystems. So, the few that do will post, the rest may ask questions, and everybody comes out ahead.

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          After thinking about this the some hours, I think, I prefer it that way. I don’t want to speculate about anything that happened within the Initiative and I can imagine the last months haven’t been pretty. Still, they didn’t inflict active harm to the goals of the Initiative.

          This step makes sure that there is a clear point of reference for the work done by the Ada Initiative and this post summarizes it well. They have been an incredible resource for learning and were very active at coaching - the number of people I know being touched by them in some way is great! They may be bringing the project to an end, but also to a conclusion - we can now see their impact and things that come out of it. They are also bringing it to a conclusion before the “bad years” come. And who wants to be the band where the “old albums were better”?

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            So bad news