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    This looks really cool. Too bad GUI is only for windows :(

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      yeah :( i really hoped they’d have fixed that by now.

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        You won’t have to wait for long. From the bottom of the fine article:

        0.6.3 […] is now almost ready, and will be merged into master in a couple of days (if you happen to have a Mac, it contains the macOS GUI backend for Red!). As soon as 0.6.3 is out, 0.7.0 will start (full async I/O), while 0.6.4 (Android) is being worked on. That should provide us a higher number of releases this year […]

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          sadly, the one i’m waiting for is the linux gui. i can’t even really complain because the arc for new (and even not-so-new) languages is more often “linux first, mac sometime, windows when we can actually find some windows users”, but it would be nice not to have to use wine to experiment with it.

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            I know right? I was like windows users must be stoked. Finally a language that has killer features and follows a windows-first worldview. Sucks for us linux guys though.

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              yeah :) the last time i remember that happening was with concurrent clean back in the early 2000s - I was looking for an ML family language with good gui support in the stdlib, and clean looked very promising but it turned out the gui was windows only