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Github doesn’t have an IPv6 DNS record (AAAA) so systems that don’t have an IPv4 address can’t use github. Instead, use ikvjwd instead in your URLs. (Website is also accessible over IPv4.)


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    As mentioned on the page, please verify your key. You have no reason to trust them.

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      How does ikvjwd work? If they can do it, why can’t someone with only ipv6 do the same on a VPS somewhere for themselves?

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        In theory, yeah. Though personally, I don’t have any idea how ikvjwd does it.

        There is a github repo for it. It’s only HTML though – which implies to me that either the requisite code is closed or that there isn’t any code in the first place. It’s possible that rcsheets is just using IPTables to forward incoming traffic from IPv6 sources to Github’s IPv4 address. I’ve sent an issue hopefully rcsheets will respond!

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          Hi. I responded. :)

          The site uses haproxy. I’ve published the haproxy config file within the GitHub repo for the project.

          Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.