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    Suggestion: Polls meta

A polling/survey feature would be nice. I suppose the workaround to this would just be to have top choices be represented as comments that get upvoted based on popularity. Though it’d be cool to get an anonymous input on certain questions within the community. Like systemd vs sysvinit ;-)


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    While polls might be interesting, they often provide a skewed view of a subject. Bias is difficult to remove - if you phrase the question right you will always get the answer you want.

    So I’m not a fan of getting polls on lobste.rs

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      I usually find polls to be an entertainment feature rather than a useful one, for the reason fcbsd mentions. It would effectively become a social thread, and Lobsters hasn’t historically been heavily focused on random social stuff that isn’t centered around news happening elsewhere. I don’t personally feel strongly for or against such a shift in emphasis, but I suspect others are against it.

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        I don’t think there needs to be any special UI for polls. Putting each option as a comment to up-vote (only?) works best I think.