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    So, how do we teach Haskell to kids or help adults master its’ power faster and more efficiently?

    We need to start from Type Theory, make people understand and fall in love with Types, their structure, their daily lives, their relations with each other; a student has to become fluent in writing and understanding type-level functions before she even thinks about writing “real” functions. It is actually a pretty traveled road as well — but only  if you have a reasonably strong math background.

    If your approach to teaching kids starts with “learn category theory”, it’s a bad approach.

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      This is such a common pitfall of novice teachers.

      They think teaching should start from the foundations of the field, the same way they perceive the relationships between the content as experts.

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          I, for one, am advocating for higher kinded types in Scratch.

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          This comes across as extreme tunnel vision on Haskell and The One True Way. As an, admittedly not very good, educator this approach is terrifying