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I have been building this for the last few months now and It’s close to a working product. I’m a heavy user of Strava and I noticed that there wasn’t anything like it in the open source space so I started this project. I’m looking for people to try it out and give feedback. If you are interested send me a PM and I can get you set up.


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    The repo mentions sharing with friends and commenting on their activities. Are you counting on doing this with activitypub? Especially considering the selfhosted part.

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      came here to say the same thing, great chance to add activitypub support to this app.

      Mastodon author on implementing activitypub, probably the best starting point. https://blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/06/how-to-implement-a-basic-activitypub-server/

      freenode has #litepub (and #mastodon) with a number of existing implementors who can help.

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        This is something I have been thinking about for a while. Difficulty wise it would be easiest to just share things with other users on the same instance but obviously this would cripple self hosted versions. I’m open to putting in the extra work to implement ActivityPub but the other problem I have is that going decentralized removes my ability to control content, the only reason this would be an issue is to remove cheaters from the global leaderboards. In an application like this cheating is super easy but going federated makes it very hard for me to control. Although even centralized systems can’t really stop cheating if its within the realm of a possible time. I might just not include global leaderboards at all and have it as personal, friends and groups only.

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          This is cool and as others have said adding activitypub to support federation would be the cherry on top of the cake.

          The ability to have a private self-hosted instance for your team and/or group of friends is great, but having the ability to connect with people from outside or even just a restricted set of other trusted instances, while still having control over your data, would make it truly awesome. With this setup the problem with cheating should be manageable, it would be very hard to have and maintain global leader-boards anyway.

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            I’m thinking about just not having global leaderboards. From what I have read on the strava engineering blog, these are massively complex and cpu intensive as the dataset grows. I am interested in ActivityPub so after I have the core features done that will be the first thing I look at.

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            In a federated setup, there would be one global leaderboard per instance, showing the aggregated leaderboard of this instance+instances federated with this instance, correct?

            Each instance admin could then remove cheaters or ban instances that allow cheating, or subscribe to a cheater blacklist that you’d publish?

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          As I understand, this is the web part only. Is there a FOSS cycling/running tracker on mobile thatthatyou can recommend?

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            The website should work fine on mobile when it’s done. I wanted to use a web app for everything but unfortunately it’s not possible to keep the device awake to record GPS from a web app so I will be learning Android development and building a full app for it.

            Currently I use OSMAnd for recording and then upload the file using my desktop. I’m not aware of anything better thats foss currently.

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              Owntracks is quite good https://github.com/owntracks

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              Self hosting is currently a little complex but I have a plan to make it really easy so you only have to fill out a yml file with your domain name and an api key.

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                What are the issues about self-hosting?

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                  There are a few different config files for different bits like nginx and rails. It’s currently not clear where you have to change things but I will make that a lot easier soon.

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                I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, thank you!

                I’ll give it a try when I get the chance.