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    It would be interesting to know what “format shifting” is as this could mean that I cannot even play the CD’s I own as the format of the disc is changed in order for me to hear the music on my computer…

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      Streaming media involves dozens of transient copies being made between the origin server and whatever device is playing it.

      In reality, I doubt this ruling will ever be used, and in particular an attempt to prosecute someone for streaming would be thrown out immediately, lawyers having little patience for technical technicalities. (The other kind, of course, being their bread and butter.) The big issue here is the potential for extremely dangerous interpretations using this as precedent, and the fact that people who make and interpret law blatantly have no understanding or experience whatsoever of what they’re ruling on or legislating about.

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        All DACs are now contraband.

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          IANAL but this seems unenforceable to me.