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    if you add “rendered in unreal engine” to your prompt, the outputs look much more realistic.

    This is hilarious, and sort of disturbing. I wonder what happens if you use GitHub’s new AI coding assistant and add “…with O(n) performance” to your comment. We might discover some wild new algorithms.

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      I actually asked CLIP to generate a drawing of a character idea floating around in my head (doll girl with no face in a black dress sitting on a bed) and it gave me something that looked good enough that I could give it to an actual artist as a reference. The background was super abstract, but it did a pretty good job of rendering the dress and everything.

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        That’s amazing! Almost missed it cause I didn’t expect it, but at the bottom there are links to ipython notebooks hosted on Google backed by Tesla GPUs so you can easily try it yourself in minutes. We’ve come such a long way. I hope this becomes the new standard.

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          The “trending on artstation” bit is hilarious. I wonder what happens if you ask it to draw “an image of X, but drawn really good”.

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              i guess it just makes it look like a regular old drawing

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              I suspect “Drawn really good” is more likely to be attached ironically to something thrown together quickly in mspaint, which could give really interesting results…