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It would be very convenient if I could choose to hide individual submissions from the home page. I’ve read the article, it doesn’t interest me, etc and I’m just tired of it filling up the page. I don’t believe it needs to be stored server-side, perhaps just stored as a cookie and the affected posts greyed-out in Javascript. Though If it were server-side, it could be used to “mute” e-mail notifications on uninteresting topics.

Am I alone on this? Should I start “lobste.rs enhancement suite”?


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    With the small number of stories currently on the frontpage, I don’t personally think a “hide” button is needed.

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      I’ll just leave this here: https://bitbucket.org/sirpengi/lobx

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        Wow, that was fast!

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          I’ve done chrome extension work before, and with backbone + backbone.LocalStorage doing all the heavy lifting it was pretty easy to get out. Please give it a try and send any issues/requests to the bitbucket repo!

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            All the same, I’m impressed. And so far, so good. Works like a charm.

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        This seems like a problem that will solve itself as the community grows

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          lobste.rs enhancement suite sounds like a good idea regardless.

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            haha. Not that I’m looking for yet another project… What kinds of features are we talking?

            Note to self: LES is MOR. or something.

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            This would probably have to be done server-side, otherwise you’d end up with pages with fewer stories (or even none, if you hide them all).

            Compensating for that on the client-side would be… yucky.

            Edit: re-read your suggestion and yes, if the stories are grayed out instead of hidden, then client-side is doable..

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              Agreed. I realized that when done client-side, you’d end up with gaps. Greyed-out would at least allow me to see that I’ve already read read the post (or I’m not interested etc) without rendering issues.

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                Doesn’t your browser already show visited links as slightly more grayed out?

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                  Yes it does. Of course, I have to open those posts to grey them out. If the post doesn’t interest me, this activity is a waste of time. If I’ve already read the post contents via the lobste.rs email, this is redundant.

                  I can see how this request is probably a niche desire though.

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                    Actually, I agree it has some value.

                    On the serverside, though, it requires keeping track of every story that you’ve hidden and filtering on that. I guess that’s probably not that much worse than per-user filters we already have. Maybe the hidden stories could be “aged” out, so that you don’t accumulate too many over time.