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    Mickey Petersen from Mastering Emacs does a fantastic job of annotating the detailed changelog.


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      This doesn’t seem to have any of the pgtk stuff in, so I suppose I still wanna use patched versions if I want semi-proper Wayland support.

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        Pure GTK didn’t make it to 28.1 and I think they are aiming for 29.1 (so still a couple year wait)


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          My first reaction was “a couple of years? that must be an exaggeration!”, but Emacs really does seem to release a new major version only every 2 years per https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/history.html :-/

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        Emacs shows matching parentheses by default

        It seems that show-paren-mode no longer has to be enabled?

        If so, that’s great. I’m trying to use most tools with as many defaults as possible.

        After 20 years on Emacs, my .emacs / init.el is very small, just a few use-package invocations.

        I wish make-backup-files defaulted to nil or that Emacs shipped with some mode that flipped those few variables that many people alter, such as that one, to more modern defaults.

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          I agree that the tilde backup files are annoying, but they have saved my ass a few times. I think they are turned off when using a version-control mode and the file is under version control.

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            I used to turn them off as well, until I discovered backup-directory-alist.

            (setq backup-directory-alist '(("." . "~/.cache/emacs/backup")))

            Now they don’t clutter my directories, but they’re still available when I need them.

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              I’m not on 28 yet, but Emacs (with vc-mode, 99% defaults) does create the backup files even for files in version control for me. I’ve sort of learned to ignore them mentally.

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                In my Emacs 27.2, vc.el has this commented-out code:

                   ;; (unless vc-make-backup-files
                   ;;   (make-local-variable 'backup-inhibited)
                   ;;   (setq backup-inhibited t))

                …with a preceding comment claiming that this is somehow wrong. I must have learned this behavior on an earlier version of Emacs where that code was still active. Now I’m using Magit and I do have backup-inhibited set in version-controlled files, so I presume Magit is doing that.

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                  I just checked on emacs -Q (27.2) and backup-inhibited is still t on my version-controlled files. A quick (rip)grep didn’t find anything relevant though, but something must be setting it, and it’s not Magit.

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              I honestly expect that a lot of old…experienced Emacs users will complain about this, as with most other changes to the old defaults that’s been done.

              But I agree, it’s great that it’s on by default now! One thing less to enable as a standard.

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                As someone whose .emacs file is older than some of my junior devs, I say attack those defaults with a chainsaw. I can fix the defaults I don’t like, but new devs can’t, so the opinions of my fellow foggies shouldn’t count when making these changes.

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                  I thought that the guiding philosophy for improvements to the out-of-box defaults is that the old settings are still available there and experienced users will know how to revert to them if they wish (whereas new users may have more trouble going the other way). And as an Emacsen user for nearly [mumble!?] years now, I’m perfectly fine with that!

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