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I ditched Pocket a while back and am wondering what alternatives are out there. I figured maybe “Read Later” as a bookmark folder in Chrome is a good solution, but I have to load up webpages and advertisements, making it difficult to read the content. In fact, sometimes the content gets hidden if I load the page enough times, with demands to purchase a subscription.

What are your “Read Later” tool, lobsters?

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    Open tabs in Firefox. I make it a point to hit zero tabs at least once per day.

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      Thats mostly what I end up doing too!

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      Instapaper and pinboard, with no explicable decision procedure between the two.

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        I’m liking Instapaper. I’ll stick to that until it gives me doubts. Thanks!

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        Instapaper. I tried pocket. Ever since it was forced down my throat by being integrated into Firefox, it has left a sour taste in my mouth, but I figured I’d try it anyways. Ended up not really liking it - can’t really remember why.

        Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of Marco Arment’s podcasts lately, so I’m probably biased.

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          Perhaps a bit late to the party, but Wallabag is quite nice too. While there’s a hosted version available, you can host it yourself too for those who rather keep control of their data. They also offer extensions for Chrome/Firefox and apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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            I do virtually all of my reading via newsblur.com (lobste.rs included), which has a very handy “save” feature. It even snapshots the story content in addition to the URL, which is handy for older stuff.

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              A reminder in Google Inbox. Scheduled for either “this evening” or “someday”, depending. The trick to making it useful is to actually go through the “someday” bucket when I’m bored.

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                I’ve used taskwarrior with moderate success (I never remember to actually use it) I use a simple bash function to create a task

                #!! /bin/bash

                alias in=‘task add +process’

                tickle () { deadline=$1 shift in + tickle wait:“$deadline” “$@” }

                alias tick=tickle alias think=‘tickle +1d’ alias lookup=‘task add +lookup +next +@online’

                webpage_title () { wget -qO- “$*” | hxselect -s ‘\n’ -c ‘title’ 2>/dev/null }

                read_and_review () {
                   title=$(webpage_title "$link")
                   echo "$title"
                   descr='Check: '+"$title"
                   id=$(task add +next +lookup "$descr" | sed -n 's/Created task \(.*\)./\1/p')
                   task "$id" annotate "$link"
                alias checkout=read_and_review

                This script is mostly based on a series of posts I found on how to use GTD with taskwarrior.

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                  I use tabs in my web browser. I’ve found that unless I have some physical annoyance (lots of tabs) forcing me to act, I won’t actually consume my reading log. So now I have to decide if I actually want to read something or not.

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                    Lobsters and RSS go to my inbox, so mark as unread is what I end up using.

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                      I use Tinderizer a lot (http://tinderizer.com/) to read later on a Kindle.