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    tldr; this version contains mitigations for the most recently announced Intel hardware vulnerabilities.

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      Q: Any ideas on how a Linux company can sell more LTS licenses?

      A: Tell the customers they’ll quickly get patches for severe vulnerabilities expected to appear in Intel CPU’s every few months for the next 3-5 years.

      Q: Is that in total or one-time?

      A: It’s per CPU purchased. The replacement will have another 3-5 years worth of severe vulnerabilities. Tell them to renew for long-term protection.

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        Don’t forget that the mitigations result in performance losses too, so you’ll need to buy more machines and more CPUs and more licenses.

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          Oh yeah, someone brought that up on HN. Then, another countered it’s potentially good for cloud vendors since locked-in customers are forced to buy more gear. Yet, Im saying this might be another selling point for bare-metal hosting. Even if virtual performance is enough, it might not be 6-7 mitigations down the line.