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    I was surprised to see that there is no embedded tag. I would imagine it’s of interest for the Lobsters community, maybe it would be worth adding it.

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      It’s been said before, but tags are for filtering out things. So, if it’s of interest and the Lobsters community wants it, better that it’s not tagged. At least, that is how I’ve heard these things explained to me

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        I didn’t know that. I’ve used filters in lobste.rs before to try to catch up on the new related to a subject that I haven’t heard about recently. Maybe I should subscribe to one of those curated newsletters instead.

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          I think tags are for both filtering out, and for looking for links on a certain topic. From the about page:

          Users can choose to filter out or subscribe to all submissions with particular tags (example: programming.rss) or combinations of tags

          There’s even a tip at the bottom of each tag page: “Tip: read stories across multiple tags with /t/tag1,tag2”.

          Whether or not an embedded tag is good for Lobsters, tags are beneficial to both hide and find content by topic :)

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            that makes no sense

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              Eh, not sure what to tell you. https://lobste.rs/filters has a bit of an explanation

              To hide stories with certain tags from across the site

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                that’s not the part which doesn’t make sense. i’m referring to the idea that if a topic is of interest then people would not want to filter for it. that’s actually an obvious reason to want to filter out: because it’s a popular or common topic.

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                  for example, javscript is popular on here; i hide those submissions because of that. if they were infrequent then i wouldn’t care to filter them.

                  basically if something is popular enough to merit a tag because it’s popular (as the top comment suggests) then that means it’s inherently a good candidate for allowing to filter out.

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                The user who requested a tag for zig did it specifically to be able to filter it out:


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                From the submission guidelines:

                If no tags clearly apply to the story you are submitting, chances are it does not belong here. Do not overreach with tags if they are not the primary focus of the story.