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    No Code practices vas3k.com

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    First, you work all month, and then you give half of the money to those who didn’t. It’s called TAXES.

    I found this a little frustrating and had trouble concentrating on the article after reading it. I understand it was probably meant as a joke but there are people who really don’t realise that all the infrastructure they use every day is not free. I don’t think perpetuating that delusion, even as a joke, is a good idea.

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      I found the same. I thought the article was quite interesting, but didn’t like that dismissive description of what taxes were.

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        The author does address this a bit later on.

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        Except if any of those services go offline, he’s back up a creek. It’s not going to be so easy to replace all of them, they are not just clones of each other.

        Perhaps some self hosted no code solutions are in order? Like https://github.com/huginn/huginn ?