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    This came up in another forum, specifically as an alternative to TLS.

    It’s already been submitted, with no comments, so I’m interested if it’s had more traction, or if people have worked with it.

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      Noise is used by Wireguard. So in that regard it certainly has traction.

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        It is also used by ipfs to setup encrypted network links between peers.

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          Also Signal, the encrypted messaging app.

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            No, but those are related:

            Noise is inspired by:

            • The KDF chains used in the Double Ratchet Algorithm [23].

            [23] T. Perrin and M. Marlinspike, “The Double Ratchet Algorithm,” 2016. https://whispersystems.org/docs/specifications/doubleratchet/

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              What parts of the Signal Protocol use Noise?

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        If you’re new to this document, sections 7.5 and 7.7 are some of the coolest - it lets you build your own efficient handshake pattern based on who needs to prove what about each other’s identity, whether the static keys are pre-known, etc. A colleague put me on to Noise Explorer which has some nice diagrams.

        Stories with similar links:

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