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    Funnily enough this is where I first heard of preconditions and postconditions. So you can say that this eventually lead me to formal methods and not be completely wrong

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      “Vigil deleted a function. Won’t that cause the functions that call it to fail?

      It would seem that those functions appear to be corrupted as well. Run Vigil again and it will take care of that for you. Several invocations may be required to fully excise all bugs from your code.”

      Haha. This is why your parents tell you to be careful who you hang around. If you’re always calling someone and they get into trouble, they might be bringing that trouble you’re way. In a bad area, you both might even get deleted. I implore everyone to work and play safely.

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        What I find very funny is how similar it is to Kent Beck’s test && commit || revert, which is not a joke.

        Lobsters’ story about it.

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