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Just launched a new podcast where we explore the technical details of package management, the stories and the history of various projects, and the communities around them too. Every two weeks there will be a brand new interview with a package manager maintainer.

First episode is an interview with Mike McQuaid, the lead maintainer of Homebrew.

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      Nice! Would you like to do one about Nix / NixOS / Nix on macOS / etc?

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        Absolutely, would you be able to email andrew@manifest.fm to schedule?

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      Bizarre, but I love it!

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      would love to hear one about 0install, or any other descentralized package manager

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      Very cool. Nice to see a super specialized tech podcast like this. Just subscribed.

      Would be interesting to do an episode on the history of package management.

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      Nice! If you could bring someone on to talk about Python package management, that would be awesome!

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        Yes please! Someone from the PyPA would be great.

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      I’d love to hear one on the BSD ports tree.

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        Better yet, one for each BSD packaging system!

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      Really high quality pod - nice work!

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      I’m assuming you’re going to try to get wycats on at some point? Considering he’s been involved with at least 3 different package managers (bundler, cargo, and yarn are the 3 I know of), it seems like he would be a great interview.

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        Yep, he’s already on the list of people to interview ?

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          Also, the SolusOS guys recently did a lot of work with the tool they use to make packages for their package manager, so they might be worth talking especially wrt the producer-side of package managers

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            Will add them to the list, thanks!

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