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    Ironically, it’s pretty hard to read this on my phone. Most of the text is too small. The yellow labels on the red buttons are more like an orange blur.

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      This was shared in the comments to Dude Where’s My char[] and I thought it was worth pushing to a top level share.

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        I’m a big fan of accessible design, and contrast, along with font and control sizes, are important in that goal. It’s considerate design!

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          Here you go…..

          Problem fixed in one javascripty bookmarklet…


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            Here’s a handy tool for determining if your colors have high enough contrast: https://leaverou.github.io/contrast-ratio/

            A big part of this is the result of this weird idea that you should never use black (interestingly, that site just barely meets the W3C contrast requirements for that size text).

            Low contrast text is not just a problem for people with bad vision. It’s also a big problem when you are using older monitors. A lot of sites look fine on my MBPr but then when I view them on my old LCD monitor they are almost entirely unreadable. So make sure you review your design on a non-retina screen!