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    These are not things I hate about SQL.

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      SELECT summary FROM tblReasonsToHateSQL LIMIT 10;
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        Huh, the problem is not that its strict. The problem is that you won’t get much helpful feedback from your DBMS of your choice. Or do you rant about this on other languages as well ?

        The uppercase stuff is just plain convention so you can distinguish commands from params. Honestly I stopped reading after this.

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          I agree with that list, though mine is much longer.

          These and more are why I wrote Preql.

          (sorry for the self-promotion, but it seems relevant)

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            A really mixed bag, but #3 has never made sense to me, and has never stopped giving me problems, I just can’t train myself to not use select aliases in a where clause–I get it wrong, then fix the problem.