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    Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll provide a custom override of signal handling.” Now they have a dozen problems.

    Its nice that they at least commented this hack, but all these workarounds for this library and this phone, etc.? You just know that once code like that is added, it never gets removed.

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      Long story short, it seems that, for performance reasons, firefox starts without loading libraries, and catches SEGFAULT to load libraries directly into memory (not paged from storage) on demand.

      … Wow.

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        It is not unsurprising if you rewind back to the quality bionic+linker had back in android 2/3 era: buggy, slow, incomplete. System level android at that time looked and smelled like a posix inspired version of a bag of shrimp being left in an drunkards alleyway during a heatstroke. This is a project where the official stance of stuff like fork() breaking much of their userspace was “ehrm, well then please don’t use that”.

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          Not unsurprising == surprising? :)

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            damn it and touché.

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        Aside from article, I really like the way his website headline and about us page was created. :)

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          Thanks ♥