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When submitting a story and looking for duplicates, it would be really handy to be able to narrow the search to a given tag. For instance, looking through /t/meta to see if this idea has been brought up before.

Is this something others see as useful?


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    I don’t search dups. I just try to submit and count on the internal duplicate checking… Probably I am lazy.

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      I’m under the impression the only duplicate checking was done on URLs. (I could check the source, thanks @jcs, but I’ll stick with my impression for the time being.)

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        It is on URLs, but has some logic in it to detect slightly different ones like one having www. and one not, or one on https:// and one not.

        As of 4 days ago, it will also give you a warning if you try to submit a story URL that was submitted a long time ago.

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          I think that’s right.