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    I did not like for two reasons:

    1. This is a blogpost about how to write a technical blog post, and the first post is nothing about technical writing. It’s about marketing. I think that is a wrong focus. It’s like letting the Cheif Marketting Officer be your CTO. I think a technical blog should be driven by a worthy technical idea, and figuring out how to get the idea out is a secondary concern. I realize this is an opinion, and one many will not agree with. Especially in our startup driven culture where technology is primary about making money and not advancing the world.
    2. Imposter syndrome - I think this has been coopted by many as a way to say everyone’s idea is equally good. That’s just not true, some people dont think they should be blogging about technical matters and they are right, they shouldn’t. They don’t know enough about what they want to talk. And many people blogging probably shouldn’t
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      Next week: How to Write a “How to Write a Technical Blog Post: Part 1” Part 0 /s

      Great post!