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    I am extremely amused by all the Americans and Brits crying all over the internet, looking for conspirations, when this is truly the essence of democracy. The majority decides about minorities. And this time, you were a minority. Truth is, that world is full of stupid people and you did a bad job convincing them to join your side. Deal with it.

    For me, it is funny, because my country has huge history with this shit. Our current president is hillbilly hated literally by every intellectual there is. But no one thinks that democracy was „hijacked“. It is just simply result of giving voting right to everyone, when the majority of people is just stupid and doesn’t care for your vision of the world.

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      I didn’t get much out of this news story despite some fun conspiracies around Robert Mercer.

      I would like to see more stories that somehow make people realize that they are not as informed as they might think they are, though. I think one problem we have, and I grew up in the golden age of trusting the press I think, is that everyone thinks they are informed but clearly don’t agree on basic facts. That’s the real threat to democracy, IMO.

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        Thank you for your comment, i got really upset reading the article but your reply made me realise that the connections mentioned in the article are not as crystal clear as they seem.

        One thing that is really frightening me, and that was not given ample space in the article, is that targeted propaganda IMHO removes the dimishing effect of the shared, public consumption of said propaganda. It creates another manufactured bubble specially for you.

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        In defense of the crying Americans and the “essence of democracy”, the candidate picked by the majority of us didn’t win.

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          The EC is hardly a new development. If it’s not democratic, it was never democratic. Not a great example of the demise of democracy if the system hasn’t changed.

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            The Electoral College isn’t democratic and is intentionally not supposed to be. That was the point of my comment: the original comment said the “majority decides about minorities” and “the majority of people is…”, when in fact neither of those were true in the American case, so the comment is inapplicable to what happened in the American presidential election.

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          As the poster of this link, I feel rather confused on why the reaction is as harsh as it is. I would like to know more. Would you like to explain this situation to me?

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            Lobste.rs doesn’t do politics; you can see this from -12 downvotes off-topic and hence there is no #politics tag. Occasionally i write #politics in the comments for posts that should be tagged politics ;-) The reaction is strong because people don’t want to see politics here, or use this venue to talk about politics (or anything else OT, e.g. business). Understandable as it’s a tech news aggregator with a mission to be !HN

            Personally, I think this creates an audience where it would be extremely valuable to discuss certain topics, but I’m wary of pushing any personal opinion on this group, and respectful of the downvote.

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            I’m astounded that you thought everyone on a site about technology magically agreed with your political affiliations. There are communists, libertarians, socialists, conservatives, and liberals here. We aren’t bound by political viewpoint but rather a common goal of improving our skills.