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    One of the things I find sorely lacking in just about every modern graphical environment out there is the preponderance of beautiful little hacks that used to be so common in environments of yore.

    On the Amiga, they were called “Schwabbies” - little hacks like CloseMe where the window would run away from your mouse pointer tauntingly should you attempt to close it :)

    I’m not sure how to fix this, either, since most modern environments have imposed abstractions on things that make hacks like this more difficult. ^1

    1. This is a fuzzy statement in every respect but my hope is that someone with broader and deeper experience in modern window systems and graphical desktops who’s old enough to remember can fill in the details :)
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      Compiz jiggly windows and other silly stuff was neat, at least back before I only used computers for making rent. :(

      One of the neatest hacks I saw was taking the harddrive accelerometer data on Thinkpads iirc and using it to spin the desktop cube right or left if you whacked the side of the monitor, was slick for changing workspaces.

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        Wayfire comes with wobbly windows too. I think I’ve heard KDE’s KWin does too. But they probably don’t have the fire burning animation on window close, which we do have in Wayfire :)

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      There was a toy for RISC OS that did this to windows. I wrote a version for KDE many years ago: https://github.com/rikkus/madness/

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        Off topic, but I love how this C++ project turns out with 0.5% C++ due to autoconf.

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          autoconf gave me so much pain. I don’t miss it!

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        The next challenge should randomly change the input focus of the window

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          Completely unrelated: I totally geeked out when I saw the bouncing gif used the same shell prompt I do, the classic tcsh default prompt!!

          Related: this is awesome!

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            Neat! Would be interesting to see someone implement this using the wlroots+wayland stack.