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    Speaking of annoying “features” @tedu, on iOS when clicking on a link on your blog it summons a preview URI, which much be tapped again to advance to the post. When going back to the original post, the preview is still there and cannot be dismissed without manually reloading the page.

    But the reload is fast and the website doesn’t break scroll position saving, so props for that. And thanks for all your content!

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      yeah, that’s only been bothering me for most of a year, but not more than a year…

      quick fix was to move it to the bottom. ironically, i added the hover hint mostly for mobile because it doesn’t have a status bar like desktop browsers.

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      I remember discussing with Fare why I just cannot use Windows comfortably (let alone macOS). Back then systemd was not an issue, nowadays I usually try to avoid it too. On the other hand, I do not require that the feature is missing, it is enough if it is easy to switch off after I notice it.

      https://twitter.com/fare/status/464514744192217088 https://twitter.com/fare/status/464514782851108864