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    I’m very impressed by the idea of squeezing a compiler that has nice semantics (e.g. old timey compilers used to have annoying quirks like requiring all local variable declarations in a given function to be at the top for the compiler’s convenience) into so little RAM.

    I have one probably silly question: how does it being inspired by Ada differ from it being inspired by Pascal? I haven’t used either in anger but I an under the impression that they are similar, if you ignore all the advanced features in Ada, because wasn’t Ada largely inspired by / extended from Pascal? Might be totally wrong about that.

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      I also don’t see much of anything that defines Ada in this language; perhaps the implementer just isn’t familiar with Pascal?

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      I’d be interested in learning how the compiler is bootstrapped. This says it is self-hosted, and so I’m curious to see how it is accomplished. I see there is a bootstrap directory with some C files with content that appears machine generated.

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        The compiler has a C backend. Those C files are most likely output from the compiler compiling itself to the C backend to bootstrap on machines without a cowgol compiler.

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          Ah, that makes sense! I missed the C backend part when I was skimming the docs. Very cool.