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Interesting blog post from Facebook on how they manage SSH access to thousands of servers by thousands of employees.


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    It’s an interesting read, but it left me with one question - when would an engineer need to ssh to a Facebook production system? I can understand for troubleshooting purposes, but surely an unprivileged user would make more sense then, rather than using a local root user?

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      I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook is to the point where the scale of just their operations team required something like this. However, I would never have people ssh in as root, you lose the audit trail that way. Instead, people should SSH in as themselves and sudo or doas for privileged access.

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        Doesn’t this maintain the audit trail as each user is given a unique serial?

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          Only if that is logged somewhere when the certificate is used to login.

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          The article claims to use logging based on the cert to identify the person rather than having each person map to a local user.

          At a certain number of users it becomes frustrating to maintain local users across a large number of machines. Facebook is certainly above that number of users.