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    Wow, that sounds bad.

    I mean, I have experience working at a bigger company but I was moderately happy with the one company where we wrote blog posts occasionally. The main problem was that it was a consultancy, so not all technical stuff (with a bigger scope) could be discussed so easily because customers, but smaller details and best practices were fair game. This was kind of a niche market (PHP development) but I think we didn’t do too bad. Approval process was quick and easy. IIRC grab a second technical person to proof-read and fact-check, then someone from management or marketing gave quick look and put it live. Turnaround time: usually the same week. But on the other hand it was sometimes easier to find topics to write, because it was not about your internal product - somehow I think it’s easier to talk about creative solutions you found while on the customer’s clock than if this could be your own company’s secret sauce. Also maybe this is a red herring because you’re probably not working on the customer’s company’s secret sauce as an external person. Or maybe their business is so boring from a technical standpoint that you aren’t inventing algorithms but helping them scale. Based on public knowledge, using open source tools :)

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      At the large company I work at, they’ve been trying to start an engineering blog for at least 5 years. No one yet can get all the approvals needed to do so. I don’t have high hopes for it ever getting off the ground or being interesting once launched.

      It’s quite disappointing because Thoughtbot’s blog is one of the ways that I learned a lot about the craft of programming.