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    WordPress in 90 seconds with Docker web mercurenews.com
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    Is “X in Y seconds” supposed to be a descriptive or meaningful these days? For me, it seems more like a clickbaity title. Sure, showing how simple is doing stuff with Docker (which would not be always true) is a good thing to attract beginners. But.. how often would you build WordPress with Docker? You can install WordPress in less than that (because you don’t have to do anything at all) with a one-click DigitalOcean installer.

    I suggest teaching more complex things with Docker!

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      Seeing that you’re the author of alpine-* used in that blog post - how are security updates handled?

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        For wordpress you can update it in the admin panel if you want. But if you remove and restart the container you need to redo this update. I’m trying to update my dockerfile as fast i can when a new security update is out.

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