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      Thanks, I hate it.

      A while ago I wrote a window manager in nothing than POSIX sh and POSIX utilities: https://git.qtp2t.club/hazel/wmrc. This taught me to never write shell in an extended capacity again, especially after I forgot to define a variable and it wiped $HOME.

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        yea, POSIX shell isn’t exactly a good language to write a nontrivial program in. But I thought I’d share it here anyway, seeing people implement stuff in esoteric languages is always fun :)

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      What came first, the (shitty 😏) name, or the idea?

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      I’m a bit confused.

      For example is using $(()) which is a bashism, I’d assume

      (almost) entirely written in POSIX shell

      means using some external tools (like od), not relying on non-POSIX features.

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          You are right.

          Thanks for the correction. I misread a table, clear sign I never used arithmetic expressions before.