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    Depressing that something so widely depended-upon (by companies with deep pockets, no less) can’t even keep the tests in the software renderer green. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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      That’s the biggest pathology of the free (as in beer) software. People with budgets are probably unaware of this project’s existence and it’s the project’s job to promote itself. It’s the same when you build a commercial product: it can be the best product in the world but you need to reach out and ask people to give you money to use it.

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      I once reported an issue against Cairo. Although it turned out to be bogus, the issue stayed untouched for around 9 months after I opened it (with patch attached). I had to report against an old version, because the bugzilla database didn’t have the newer versions listed. When I managed to get in touch with someone via IRC, they said something about the person who had admin to bugzilla having gone AWOL. When I mentioned that I’d filed a bug which hadn’t seen any response for 9 months, they pressed me for details, which I could no longer remember - as I said, it was such a long time ago; the response was “9 months is nothing for a Cairo bug”.

      I was really troubled by that. I hope that Federico manages to get it back on track.

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        I’m kinda worried that the C++ 2d graphics proposal uses Cairo as a reference implementation…

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          I guess this is why it’s good that Skia exists too.