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    Nice little program!

    I’ve never seen that ARGBEGIN / ARGEND macro before – any history on that code?

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      I’m not familiar with the exact history of the macro, I just know that it’s used in pretty much every utility in the suckless community. I think I’m in IRC with 20h right now, let me ask.

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        It’s from Plan 9.

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          Probably from plan 9 like 4ad said, I took it from suckless since it looks simple.

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        Curious: what does ‘doubles your efficiency’ mean?

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          People tend to spend more time focused under the pomodoro method. I don’t know if you’ve ever recorded yourself working, but for most people it’s constant distraction.

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            I get that; it’s just a bold claim and made repeatedly, so I wondered if there was any background to it.

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              Everything you need to know is right here in (BUY MY BOOK).

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          I have a tendency to get sucked into a project I’m working on and totally lose track of time, and then later lose interest. I think breaking things into bits and working a little at a time helps to prevent burnout and keep production up even with low motivation.

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            I don’t find this useful on general use, unless I really have lots of task at the same time and need to plan to use time to the most by separating tasks by chunks then probably yes.

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            Do lobsters users find the Pomodoro technique yields the stated benefits - efficiency and consistent flow? I’ve experimented with it in the past and found it useful for tasks for which I experience resistance. Despite that I’ve always wondered whether it would interrupt my flow for tasks I can’t easily break down into smaller chunks. I’d love to be proven wrong though.