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Been working on this framework for a few years. I like to call it the “go on rails” framework. I use this in production for several clients. It runs so nicely on the google compute free tier VM. You get a 30GB hard drive, 1GB ram, and two AMD EPYC 7B12 2250 MHz processors which is plenty for a little golang program that just serves rendered HTML from database queries. I run postgres on the same VM to keep it free. Still plenty of space memory and cpu wise. (I also use that 30 GB hard drive as a “bucket” to avoid any cloud storage fees for images, etc.) Here is a 3 min demo of the framework:



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      Didn’t watch the video but looked at the code. It felt simple and easy to understand. I have been using the fiber framework which feels very similar. It is indeed initially surprising, coming from Rails, how much you can process and serve from a 1GB VM.

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        totally. I have a client with an old rails 5.1 project that needs to run puma + sidekiq and it won’t fit! But I know I could re-write all that ruby logic in go and it would be fine.