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mrustc is an alternative implementation of the Rust compiler. It doesn’t implement borrow checking but can be used to bootstrap the upstream Rust compiler from a C++ compiler.


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    This is awesome! mrustc is used by Guix to bootstrap Rust. This drastically shortens the current bootstrapping chain:


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      While an amazing accomplishment in its own right I couldnt find an answer to “but why?” until now. Thanks.

      Favorite line item: “mrustc currently does no borrow checking – so memory safety of our rust@1.19.0 is mostly guaranteed in the sense of ‘someone else built rust@1.19.0 using another Rust compiler and thus ran the borrow checker already’.”

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      That’s a notable upgrade, since it supports a year younger Rust. One more jump like that and it’ll be up to date with the current latest Rust ;D

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