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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’ll be speaking at the T-DOSE conference in Eindhoven about CHICKEN 5! Anyone in the vicinity, feel free to drop by and say hi!

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      My goal for the weekend is to set up a private Hydra for CI, including GitHub integration. Since we’re doing Haskell and Nix, it seems a better solution than TravisCI or CircleCI.

      My little Haskell startup has now hired a couple of programmers, so we all of a sudden need to do CI.

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        Busy weekend.

        I’m taking off early today and driving to a friend’s house in Eagle, CO. We’re going to leave from his house around 4:00 on an overnight bikepacking trip to start dialing in our gear for a 3 or 4 week through ride of the Colorado Trail we have coming up in July.

        Tomorrow morning we’re riding back into town and in the afternoon we’re mountain biking on some trails near his house.

        Sunday I’m coming home, possibly stopping at ABasin to ski in the afternoon.

        Sunday night I’m hoping to get a little work done on an animation project I’ve been working on. I was hoping to do it last weekend, but got tied up handling some API changes that were made in Blend2D and then updating my Common Lisp bindings.

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          • Going back to one of my neglected older projects to try out some ideas on interactive workflows for combining reversing, debugging and visualization - Senseye
          • Trying to get network booting working with my newly built clusterboard
          • unbox and play with a recently received BladeRF SDR
          • Got a broken WPC89 MPU board that need some fixing, so clean out the kitchen and convert it back to an electronics lab
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            Let me know how your play with SDR goes! I have the necessary USB dongle but never managed to hook up enough of an antenna to actually be able to receive much of anything outside of commercial FM and TV signals.

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            • going to see the new avenger’s movie
            • working some more on my browser-based multiplayer game (getting tantalizingly close to initial public release)
            • Mother’s day brunch with the fam
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              Im getting closer to v2.5.0 of https://bitbucket.org/koalephant/shell-script-library as mentioned in https://lobste.rs/s/uj1mwo/what_are_you_working_on_this_week#c_kyxscz so I’d really like to make a release soon.

              Up to somewhere in the vicinity of 142 Unit tests, 1465 assertions, running in 4 different shells.

              I briefly played with Bitbucket Pipelines to automate running the above tests, but I’m not sure I’ll pursue it.

              Besides that, maybe installing some more sprinklers outside.

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                Very excited for my annual reminder that I’m nowhere near as good at CTF’s as I like to think I am


                (I say this with much sarcasm, I love the DC Quals every year, even if they are brutally hard)

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                  I’ll be attending !!con! I’m a bit anxious about not going with friends lol, but I’m excited!

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                    Feel free to come say hi, a lot of my friends will be there!

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                    This weekend I’ll be contributing the High Noon project for Overwatch, working on my blog redesign, seeing Detective Pikachu, playing a session of DnD (Norse Mythology campaign!), and reading some of the comics I bought yesterday :)

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                      Resting in preparation for a week’s evening oncall shift and if I have brain cells working some more on understanding how to draw curves using polar coordinates in PICO-8!

                      You can see some of my stumblings thus far here.

                      I’ve mostly successfully drawn an archimedes spiral, only marred by the fact that I didn’t fully understand the nature of the default second coordinate in PICO-8’s line() primitive.

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                        Ran some metrics on the lobsters codebase on behalf of pushcx.

                        Metrics for survivabillity of code: https://ibb.co/sq5QcpM\n

                        New code added by year: https://ibb.co/7yJTnQM\n

                        Code on a per author basis: https://ibb.co/8bvWVQm\

                        This was done using the git-of-theseus tool off github.

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                          The links resulted in 404s until I removed ‘\n’ and ‘\’ from the end of the lines

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                          I’ll be speaking and helping with a workshop at Lambda Jam on property-based state machine testing, spoiler: it’s freakin awesome. The conf is out of town so I have to prep the house for puppy-sitters…

                          If I have a spare moment I’ll be diving back in neural nets with some delicious graphics experiments to break things up…

                          Maybe see the sun, hash-tag ‘I regret nothing’.

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                            nothing at all :)

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                              • Taking both children along to junior sailing squad. First time the younger one has been, and last time there I broke a boat so attempting not to repeat that endeavour. (Port shroud pulled the fitting through the deck when close hauled. Bent the mast like a noodle. We had a reef in as well, but it looks like the [wooden] deck was rotting. 😢)
                              • Servicing car #2, it’s about 3k miles overdue an oil service and I’ve just been lazy in getting around to it.
                              • Hopefully scrap company is collecting car #4 and taking it away. I should never have bought it, and don’t have the time or space to keep it. Needs a lot more work on it than I expected.
                              • Helping out at the town’s 10km running race. They always struggle for Marshals and I have zero interest in running it again, so might as well volunteer my time to help others enjoy the day.
                              • Migrate some infrastructure for work from DigitalOcean to Azure. We’ve had to move to Azure for legal reasons, so standardising all our clusters on it makes operational sense. Luckily we have fairly specific business hours usage of the application, so doing it on a weekend daytime is acceptable.
                              1. 2

                                “We’ve had to move to Azure for legal reasons”

                                Like what?

                                1. 3

                                  Hosting data that falls under HIPAA in the USA means we have to host with someone that will sign a BAA agreement with us, which Azure were happy to do. (At least, that’s my understanding of the situation from what the lawyers explained.)

                                  Given we’re using them there, standardising across our other countries made sense too. (As Azure has hosting capability there too!)

                                  1. 2

                                    That makes sense. Thanks!

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                                Trying to wrap my brain around prolog. My short term goal is to prepare a model of Polish intestacy rules, as my previous js attempt underestimated creativity of judges.

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                                  I’m celebrating my sons first birthday on Sunday, and probably trying to squeeze in some video games on Saturday. I probably won’t be touching any pet project. Judge me all you want ;)

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                                    Weekends don’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) be about programming. :)

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                                    Pulling a project off the backburner and seeing if I can make some headway on it. I’m hoping to have it ready for an ELS (European Lisp Symposium) submission for whenever the next one is happening.

                                    I’m doing this because my wife is from Europe and would love to visit again. When I said I had something that could give us an excuse to go, she said, “Get to work!”

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                                      This week has been grueling so I am gonna take some time to do very little, almost nothing. Mess with plants, do some yoga, climb, cook.

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                                        Came to Amsterdam on Friday for my onsite interviews, but they ended up cancelling half of them for reasons.

                                        So I decided to get a hotel for the weekend and a new return flight.

                                        Will spend the time touring the city and enjoying the lovely weather. Desperately need my dose of vitamin D!

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                                          Setting up a buildspec, some pipelines, and some sites for some friends I’m helping out.

                                          1. 3

                                            I am finishing up my new command shell, janetsh - check out a demo here: https://asciinema.org/a/T82DGbeDRJU0SKeCGMI0yAuMc

                                            I wish there was a way to advertise and get funding for small projects like this…

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                                              My weekend project is setting up PPP between my Amiga and a Raspberry Pi so I can connect to my local network via serial, then writing it up.

                                              I’m also going through my old floppy disks from when I was a teenager and trying to recover my old files from it for archival.

                                              I might get distracted with a bit of Stunt Car Racer while I’m at it.

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                                                I’m attending (and speaking at) !!Con!

                                                1. 2

                                                  Trying to create new content for a C++ course I teach. Reading about new C++20 features now. Modules, contracts, concepts… So much cool stuff. I’ll have a few slides about future C++ but mostly I don’t bother people with advanced C++. Normal C++ is hard enough.

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                                                    I’m working on an auditlog platform that enables you to send any activities happen in your application/infrastructure to it. Then you can set alert from it. Such as alert when someone SSH into servers from unknow IP. Or alert when someone access MySQL console.

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                                                      1. Learning enough Ansible to be able to setup master/slave postgres (in a way that it can do everything that’s needed to be done, to a fresh install of Linux (fedora or Debian), and to FreeBSD). I am hoping that Ansible will let me skip the whole area of learning how to actually setup master/slave PG instances by hand. Because I am hoping to find a magical setup book in Ansible galaxy repository.

                                                      So that’s my hope, take 3 days to learn enough ansible to be able to install prod-like PG setup (my databases are small so this is just for failover).

                                                      1. I am also on 3rd day trying to install Emacs 26.2 on openBSD 6.5 from ports.

                                                      For some reason package dependency decided that it needs rustc, and therefore LLVM. So compiling single threaded the whole thing was 3 days. Now it stopped with an error about libpng… Hoping to get past it this weekend, but hope is dwindling…