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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Two more weeks of vacation. Whole family is bicycling along a river. We already made 100km. Kids are 5 and 7. But now that we’re past the mountains, we’re making about 10-15km each day.

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      Same stuff as every week I guess? Bleh.

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        • spending most evenings prepping our nursery for the new arrival 🤗👶🏼 The major furniture is in place and I have our new baby monitor system all connected and mounted. Now it’s just unpacking, organizing, and putting away the monumental amount of baby stuff we have from showers and my wife’s nesting instinct 😅
        • Continue working on my first-ever start-to-finish electronics project; A watch-battery-powered, motion-activated LED nightlight strip to mount under the crib in the nursery so we can not have to use lights that run constantly. 3D printing the case right now designed myself. Every piece of this has been my own design and it’s been extremely satisfying to see this go from conception to finished product with zero help from anyone.
        • new fridge getting delivered hopefully? They messed up the delivery the first time and just went to the wrong house and never called us about it. Had to call 3 different locations to finally find out they just gave up and left it in a warehouse and never bothered to say anything to anybody. I…don’t have high hopes for this next delivery either now.


        • Day 4 in a row of doing nothing but writing Postgres triggers/functions. Hopefully an end in sight soon.
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          So exciting! If this is your first, I can tell you it is the start of an amazing, magical journey.

          Our baby didn’t sleep in the crib the first few years. We were too attached, and had her sleep in our bed.

          The crib was used to store toys.

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          I quit my job, without having another job to go to.

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            Upgraded static site generator (Zola) to the latest version (after about 2 years, needed a feature not implemented earlier). There were changes in themes and stuff that didn’t match my earlier setup. I don’t know much about css/html-templating, so spent a few hours debugging and somehow I managed to get back everything to prior state (as far as I tested). Thanks to this, I was able to move a html post processing script to templates. There seems to one bug though (footer no longer has links to adjacent posts, need to test a bit more before filing issue).

            For the rest of the week, planning to mostly work on my CLI basics ebook. Need to decide if I should include exercises in this version or leave it for the next one.

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              Did you happen to write up how you did it / have any tips? My blog is also far behind Zola main (~600 commits or so) and I have a bunch of custom templates, language syntaxes, etc.

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                I started with a fresh clone of the theme repo, added my files, copied config settings, etc. Then, I did a diff to see what’s changed, which weren’t many but one issue that dragged was syntax highlighting. The theme I use has a default dark syntax highlighting, and a fix for something related to inline code and code blocks ended up creating issue for light syntax highlighting. After trying to tweak colors in sass folder, I tried having separate style for inline and code blocks and that worked.

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              Actually, not programming a lot. I’m working in a YC startup and the focus rn is on growth so I’m mostly writing sales emails and other prose. Last week I used some of my code smarts to find leads and enrich their data (small scripts in the Developer Tools + Excel can take you really far).

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                Taking Monday off to see my family off to see family in a faraway land :( Will be just me at home for a few weeks. A part of me still thinks I should have gone too. To keep myself out of trouble I have pre-ordered LEGO 10497 and will be building that. I never got the original 497, but always wanted it, so this will be a lucky break for me (and millions others, I’m guessing).

                For work, I’m hoping to shepherd a design proposal through for a feature that our team needs ASAP but that needs to be implemented in a different team’s code. I’ve laid a bit of ground work by keeping folks looped into the design, and I know the major points of contention. The plan is to have consensus on the contentious points and begin coding next week onwards.

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                  I’m back home baby! Gotta fix my closet door, replace bedroom door handle with one that locks, and get my pool back in shape after my pump died. Doing some private coding stuff also but nothing really notable. Would like to get back into writing Standard ML and take a night to read @icefox ‘s Garnet language and write my thoughts on it 🙂 When skimming I noticed it seems the language is more of an idea right now than anything… But that’s ok!

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                    Kicking off a fortnight in Greece, aboard the yacht. I’m in charge/responsible this time though, somehow makes it more real than when someone else is there ultimately in charge.

                    Borderline too hot, but haven’t hit anything or lost anyone yet. May it continue!

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                      • 06:00-19:00 Family fun :-)
                      • 19:30-21:00 House work/chores
                      • 21:00-? Working on summer project (if I’m not already exhausted or allocated by wife)

                      Summer project 2022;

                      Coffee (espresso) brewing scale, all from scratch. Electronics, firmware and casing (3d printed).

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                        Staycation? Sounds like a cool summer project.

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                          Yep, that sounds more like it I must say. Once the little one is a bit older we may stretch our wings again. Maybe.

                          Project proved to be a bit deeper then I had anticipated but so far it is moving ahead quite nicely. It will all be made public, as in open spec/source, once the first version is complete.

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                        Quite a few things, but in particular

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                          Entertaining the idea of resurrecting the Nikola Myst parser plugin so I can include swank features like tables in my Nikola blog’s markdown :)

                          The problem is that the Python API seems to have drifted a good bit since the plug-in was written. At least I’m on home Python turf so I may have a better shot at this one unlike the extended pitched battle with Javascript over Gatsby which both it and I lost :)

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                            @ work I’m back to fixing bugs in our Catia importer.

                            @ home I’m trying to fix a build error with StumpWM. SBCL removed a function from their sb-unix package, and StumpWM no longer builds. I think I have a fix, but I need to test it.

                            I’m also going to catch up on reading.