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      When I look for project names, top of my list is very niche, very weird pron genres. Sticks with people.

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        Sticks with people

        you might even say it consumes them

        i’m sorry

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          i’m sorry

          …no you’re not. :-P

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      One day the domain for this is going to expire and we’ll all be in for minor hilarity. Naming matters sometimes.

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        I already find the name of this piece of software funny.

        I haven’t been really satisfied with any RSS reader I’ve tried since google reader got shutdown, so seeing a new one piques my interest, I’ll give this a shot.

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        Some meatier feedback:

        • The silly little navbar sayings are cute
        • I dig how minimal the UI is
        • The lack of bullshit in usage is awesome…I’ll probably end up using this unironically

        I’m curious @j3s if you want to talk about how it’s built?

        edit: Ahhhh…it’s golang + sqlite!

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          if you want to talk about how it’s built?

          thx for asking!

          first, i’d like to admit that vore is mostly a result of my neurosis. i’ve never really built a CRUD application before, and wanted to dip my toes in with something small - that’s reasonable enough. but what really pushed me were a variety of interests of mine intersecting:

          • embedded sqlite
          • rss feed following
          • website minimalism
          • golang

          then, i built out a set of more aesthetic requirements

          • easy to keep entire app in head
          • trivial to navigate on very first attempt
          • explanation of app through first login flow
          • very few deps
          • no javascript
          • single http response per request
          • frameworkless

          i hand-rolled the auth system, the templating engine, and the routing framework - combining ideas from all over the place - notably icyphox’s legit and hashicorp’s consul. reading the stdlib helped a lot too.

          i found a sqlite library that requires no os dependencies. similarly, the rss library requires no os dependencies. it wound up feeling perfect - sqlite is such a great little database. it just works so obviously & is so pleasant compared to postgres for me.

          since vore is entirely self-contained, it can start as long as it has rw privileges - it also has no configurables yet, which helps - running a dev instance really is just go run .

          tangentially, i hope that vore might be a decent project for beginners to read, since it ties together a bunch of different tools and concepts in more-or-less plain go.

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          i appreciate it!

          i like the word vore bc it means “feeding” which is what the app does :D i don’t mind the more vulgar association i guess

          i’m glad u like it! i put in a lot of hours tuning vore to make it feel right, it took longer than you’d think!!

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        yes I tried googling this project and got some very different results.

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      -> 2021: j3s.sh consumes jrss

      This line has a different meaning when taking the name of this new project into account

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      The name is hilarious. Unfortunately the domain is blocked by our company internal filtering. I guess specifically because of the name ( ;  ;   )

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      I love this! My only, tiniest complaint, is that the feed interface doesn’t tell you from which feed the post is from!

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        ty for the feedback, and i agree! i tried implementing this, but adding the feed title wound up being a little harder to solve than it seemed. there’s kind of an issue with making sure the data is in the right place at the right time. i think i can get it solved soon but it’s hard to say. i think a new struct is probably in order or something, i’ll have to rethink a few things.

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          Just looked into this myself (<3 tiny codebases). I think a good solution would be to add a field that just gives the base URL that the feed item comes from? Which should be gettable by grabbing Item.link and then truncating it to just the domain.

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            great idea! i implemented it, let me know what you think.

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              Ah that’s so much more legible now, thanks!!

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      The text doesn’t fit the screen of my iPhone, requiring me to scroll sideways, fyi

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      @friendlysock 1000% agreed. jfc smh

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