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    The Google Pixel, Google’s first-ever self-branded smartphone,

    First-ever, after eight other self-branded smartphones?

    This is a weird opener for an article proving that statement false.

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      Self-designed would be more accurate.

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        It’s kind of like the Steve Jobs effect. He did “Mac, iPod, and iPhone. All winners that came out of nowhere. We need flawless, product development like he had.” ;)

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        As another data point, when I was at RIM, we built the first touchscreen BlackBerry - the much maligned Storm - in 9 or 10 months, if I recall correctly. A normal dev cycle for a device at that time was about 12 months.

        The reason for the rush on the Storm was because the iPhone was an AT&T exclusive, and Verizon was pressuring us to make an iPhone competitor for them as soon as possible.

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          If you’re looking for another piece of anecdata, I think either Don Melton or Nitin Ganatra mentioned in their iMore interview that the iPad mini happened in about 6 months - which they considered pretty fast.

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            Probably, surprised the photocopier with the iphone 6 jammed in it took that long to run.