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    I took a course in Prolog programming at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Canada) in 1993, and though I never became proficient at using Prolog, this article was a fascinating read. The code samples shown in the paper look familiar. Now I feel the urge to re-learn Prolog with https://swi-prolog.org/. Thanks! One more thing to add to my bucket list.

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      Prolog is always mind blowing when you visit it. I return to Prolog for “therapy” every two years to do some toy / recreational programming gaining a different angle on things.

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        If you have time, check out the paper “Use of Prolog for developing a new programming language.” as well.

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          Remarkable, thank-you again. I spent a few months learning Erlang five years ago, but did not know about Prolog’s influence. I will make time to read this one too.

          I always thought that if I ever get a long-bone fracture or long-term illness, I’d use that time to play a game like Grand Theft Auto V. Now I’m thinking I’d rather delve into historic and notable programming languages.