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Hi Lobsters, I’m working on a side-project where software developers can share their experiences moving to management. The lack of resources in this domain (tech management) is something I found surprising, that’s why I would love to fix it to help other developers transition more easily.

My goal is to have a set of open, free, and readily available resources (CC licensed in the public domain) for software developers who are either considering making the switch, or who are new to the job and could use some advice.

If you fit to that description and would like to help others make this transition successfully, please leave a comment here, or email me, or tweet at me, or any other way you prefer.

Thank you!

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    Hey, I recently (not a week ago) give a talk about my experience on this (I moved from developer to manager and back again twice in my career already): https://slides.com/elbrujohalcon/fdtmaba10p Notes are in Spanish, sorry. A much much earlier version of this talk was recorded here, too: https://eventil.com/talks/o8SpVx-brujo-benavides-from-developer-to-manager-and-back-again

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      Camille Fournier has a really excellent book on exactly this topic, called The Manager’s Path. I strongly recommend it.

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        I love that book. Ordered it 2 weeks ago and currently in the middle of reading it. :)

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        I’m interested to read about other people’s experiences as well.

        What would be the best way to subscribe to your side project?

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          The URL is https://devtomanager.com/ . I’m currently preparing the first set of interviews that goes live (within the next few days). Until then I’ve put up a subscription form you can use to get email notifications every time I post a new interview.