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    Yet the best Skype vulnerability fix is still uninstalling Skype.

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      This is very frustrating.

      But do we as a society want to solve this problem?

      • Legislation of service providers so they can’t shut us down?
      • New protocols/software that “someone” can’t shut down?
      • Other ideas?
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        Legislation of service providers so they can’t shut us down?

        I guess that’s why you’d pay for servers you actually depend on.

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          Well, you can’t though, because people can’t use Skype or Google Talk to communicate with you on your servers.

          You can try to convince them to use “unitakerchat” to talk to you, but they may resist it. Convincing people to change their software is hard.

          It’d be nice if XMPP federation wasn’t such a steaming pile of shit, but it didn’t help that it was built on top of other poorly-designed shit. And if we’re going to wish for some magic protocol, I wouldn’t want to wish for something crap.

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        “We already did the check, our system is perfect and never makes mistakes, we are sure that you had violated the rules.”

        Man, I wish I could program that well. They must be paying their programmers the mega big bucks :(

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          That’s just the author’s recapitulation. Read the actual exchange here: http://telegra.ph/SRX1365288845ID---Account-blocked-by-mass-abuse-reporting-12-19

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          Yes, I’ve known some people who heavily used social engineering on the Skype support (Mostly from East-Asia) to delete accounts or reset their passwords. It’s a real issue; nice to see such a good write-up on this issue.

          I left Skype a few years ago (deleting my account) and I don’t miss it.

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              It’s East-Asia (Thailand, …), but I have to admit that every time I contacted Skype support a few years ago they were very helpful and kind.

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                Sounds like they’re limited by a script and not in a position to escalate something like a wrongful account cancellation.