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    While researching games that utilise an ASCII UI I found this interesting example written in C++. I thought it interesting enough to share here.

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      Thank you, this is great. Any chance you’d publish the whole list when you’ve finished your research?

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      Controls are in this file, moving around is hjkl.

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        Would be nice if the README.md explained how to get it running. I’m a little familiar with Makefile, but I’m having some trouble here.

        I’d love to run this in a tmux while wfh this week :)

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          You will need basic development tools like make and a c++ compiler as well as git to download the sources and ncurses development libraries. Here’s debian like systems:

          sudo apt install git libncurses-dev build-essential
          git clone https://github.com/cbabuska/curses_city
          cd curses_city

          (for Termux on your phone, replace libncurses-dev with ncurses and it works perfectly!)

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            Thank you for sharing this.

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              Thank you for the dependencies. Got it running.