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    Core is also taking soundings on producing a 10.4-RELEASE. This is not in the current plan, but a number of developers and important FreeBSD users would be keen to see it happen, given some of the work that has gone into the stable/10 branch since 10.3-RELEASE. On the other hand, this would represent an additional support burden for the Security Team, including maintaining versions of software that have been declared obsolete upstream, in particular OpenSSL. As an even-numbered release, 10.4-RELEASE would have a “normal” rather than an “extended” lifetime which means it should not result in extending the support lifetime of the stable/10 branch.

    I actually hope it doesn’t happen. I know many FreeBSD users love the looong release cycles, but FreeBSD 11 changed the release cycle, for the better in my opinion. I still think support for 5 years (new release cycle) is still a bit too long and burdensome for a volunteer project – as a user/admin I would prefer something a bit more predictable, like how OpenBSD does it. If FreeBSD cut a release every 2 years and only supported the current and previous major versions (so about 4 years of support per major release), I think that would strike a reasonable balance.