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    Very hard to navigate the site and find what Orleans actually is!

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      Typical Microsoft/enterprise mentality. There were news about Azure Sphere a week ago or so, I could not determine what Azure Sphere is.

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      Also check out Akka.NET. I don’t think they’re directly comparable but they both smell like erlang to me…

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        The published technical report on Orleans makes direct comparisons against Akka and Erlang:

        Actor platforms such as Erlang and Akka are a step forward in simplifying distributed system programming. However, they still burden developers with many distributed system complexities because of the relatively low level of provided abstractions and system services.

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        I’ve been playing lately with the java clone of Orleans: Orbit, developed by EA.

        I have to admit that I like it. It’s extremely easy to develop and provides basic infrastructure to set up an agent based system.

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          I have a bad experience with some MS technologies, thus I’m vary of trying Orleans.

          Especially TPL Dataflow and Reactive Extensions failed to deliver their promises to me. They both seemed half-baked, overly complicated with poor and outdated documentation.