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    Have people used this and/or taskwarrior? I’ve considered using it, but never tried.

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      I used taskwarrior in the past at previous $work to help me grok the amount of management bullshit I had to track while being team leader. It has built-in burn down charts and a ton of features that come in handy while remaining a normal CLI app. It’s a similar feeling you have when you start using ‘ledger’. Suddenly you have a pretty versatile, flexible tool that is there to just this specific task without a fancy GUI that slows you down.

      Taskwarrior and org-mode are pretty much at the top of my todo management utilities.

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        Not many are using this yet, partly because it has not been released, and partly because no one knows about it. It should be released around the end of the month, at which point it should be stable enough to recommend. But not yet.

        Disclaimer: I wrote it.