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    I’m sorry, but I maintain my position that all marketing is evil. Marketing implies some sort of manipulation. Even if not lying, it’s at least diverting attention. In the case of Rust, it doesn’t make it any less evil that the marketers are fellow programmers.

    I’ve only read Rust’s language documentation and played with toy examples, but I fail to see how it would help a typical back-end developer coming from a dynamicly typed language. Rust proponents keep shouting “Safe concurrency!”, but shared-memory concurrency is irrelevant in the back-end! “Oh but it has a type-system that stops you from passing a string to atan” you say. But Java, Go, C# and a billion other languages do that as well. “But Rust’s type system is more expressive!”. If people are really seeking a strong type system, then I say Haskell, OCaml or others in that category.

    See there’s this huge hype machine and I don’t understand how they recommend Rust to back-end developers with a straight face while we have all these other alternatives that are better positioned for that task.