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    Why put the link behind an url shortener?

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      I flagged the domain as a url shortener so it can’t be used again.

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        Because it’s been submitted before: https://lobste.rs/s/hirkhr/ultimate_personal_security_checklist

        OP is a spammer and I regret inviting them. @pushcx, please review.

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          It’s not been submitted before- this is a different post, check the link first. The last one was Security Checklist This is Privacy-respecting software :) - but yes, same GitHub accounts

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          Tracking, I guess? I’m not sure why else it would be done in this case..

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            yeah that’s what I assumed but since the link about privacy, I thought I asked OP first :)

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              There’s no tracking on git.io URL’s, it just makes them shorter, because this is a link to a file in a repo it was quite long. Sorry, won’t shorten again

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              I used the URL shortner to just make it shorter, since it is a file in a mono-repo the path is crazy long. No malicious intentions, and I didn’t intend to hurt or spam anyone.

              It’s not for tracking (git.io claims not to track clicks), and it’s not because it’s spam, and it’s not because it’s been posted before (the previous post was a security checklist, this is a list of privacy-respecting software)